Three Microfreaks figurines on a black background: Lip Tide, Hot Shot, and Dr. Licky.
Introducing Microfreaks
Daybreak Collection

Dr. Licky, Hot Shot and Lip Tide are limited-edition, beautifully handcrafted creatures with some special skills. Each one has her own story and a talent for making the world a better place. In fact, they’ve been impacting the world around them since they were merely a twinkle in the Haas Brothers’ bead bowl. They were born out of collaboration between Niki, Simon, and the Haas Sisters of Lost Hills. Because of this partnership, 30% of profits benefit the rural community of Lost Hills in California’s Central Valley. The conception and creation of the Microfreaks are proof that art can be a transformative platform.

Beaded figurine with a long red tongue with gold-plated legs on a gold base shaped like flowers.

Dr. Licky

Dr. Licky is a creature of the rain forest. With her elongated tongue, she licks, tastes and explores the countless mysterious microorganisms, plants and insects teeming in the tropical terrain. She also aids in the discovery of new medicines to share with the world. They are an acquired taste.

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Beaded figurine with stalked eyes on gold-plated legs standing on a gold base shaped like volcanoes

Hot Shot

Hot Shot, active and alert, uses her stalked eyes to surveil the land for any potential volcanic eruptions and to warn all of those in the area. Make no mistake, her frantic temperament is not a weakness, as she is a known heroine. Thick-skinned, she can even swim in lava, her eyes bobbing above the boiling flow. When the heat is on, she can keep her cool.

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Beaded figurine with orange hair, big red lips and gold-plated legs standing on a gold base shaped like a beach with waves.

Lip Tide

Lip Tide can be found lounging on the beach, her spiky top blending in with bushes and palm trees. This particular creature personifies R & R, perched in the sand and soaking up the rays of the sun. Her colossal lips can buoy her through any crashing wave or rip tide. She has been known to save lives from a drowning death. Pucker up, buttercup...Lip Tide just saved your life.

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Get your Microfreak on!

Select one or a set of three Microfreaks and bring home a Haas Brothers original. Each Microfreak is signed, numbered, and arrives in her own Haas Brothers-designed environmental box reflecting her unique natural habitat.


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The Haas Brothers

Simon and Niki Haas reclining on furry, monster-shaped furniture they designed.

Raised in Austin, Texas, twins Nikolai and Simon Haas (b. 1984), founded the Haas Brothers in Los Angeles in 2010. Early on, the brothers received accolades for their exceptional craftsmanship. The years since have seen them evolve from fabricators and collaborators to nimble cross-pollinators in creative disciplines including fashion, film, art and design.

Life-sized beaded projects from the Haas brothers’ Afreaks project, including monster chairs and three large mushrooms.

In their current works, the Haas Brothers explore aesthetic themes related to nature, science fiction, sexuality, and psychedelia. Their mastery and uniquely clever use of materials ranging from brass, porcelain and fur, to highly technical resins and polyurethane, sets them apart as designers.

Over the years, Niki and Simon’s work has been featured in renowned venues across the country, from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York to the Bass Museum in Miami, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. They are also recipients of the prestigious 2019 Visionary Artist Award, granted by the Museum of Art and Design in New York, which recognizes creativity and workmanship that drives innovation.

Niki and Simon Haas laughing together in their workshop while designing the Microfreaks.

The Microfreaks are the Haas Brothers’ most recent project, and the result of an extraordinary collaboration with female artisans in Lost Hills, as part of their belief that community art can transform lives.

The Haas Brothers currently live and work in Los Angeles, California.

The Haas Sisters

A few of the Haas Sisters of Lost Hills admiring some of their beadwork.
Lost Hills

Lost Hills is a small agricultural town in California’s Central Valley. Many of the women in this community are homemakers who possess extraordinary talents but frequently lack basic necessities. They’d spent years in social isolation without an outlet for their abilities and few means to generate income for their households.

Close up shot of intricately beaded berries made by the Haas Sisters.

Niki and Simon saw a creative opportunity that blended their own imaginations with the untapped skills within this community. Sixteen women were trained to create intricately beaded elements for the Haas Brothers’ art. They learned the complex techniques quickly for their first project, which debuted at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami.

The partnership was so successful that it led to their next project, the Microfreaks, each of which was hand-beaded by the Haas Sisters.

A few of the Haas Sisters of Lost Hills with Simon Haas, showing off some of their beadwork.
Community Impact

Today, the Haas Sisters of Lost Hills has expanded to 26 women who, in addition to establishing themselves as published artists, have become meaningful wage earners and created deep and lasting bonds with one another. And, with 30% of profits benefiting the rural community of Lost Hills in California’s Central Valley, they are impacting the lives of their families and neighbors.

Transforming lives through creative collaboration

Discover how art is creating hope and community in the Central Valley.